The the work they’ve done with Sade of how much they've helped her over the last couple years is amazing. Just to see my daughter up there on a horse and from going from not being or wanting to get on the horse and doing ground work for two with two months. To getting on the horse and being able to ride a horse by herself is… We’ve come a long ways.  


There are hundreds of kids just like Sade at 7 star therapeutic riding Center Equine assisted therapy provides an alternative form of therapy can be obtained through conventional therapy through the motion of the horse our clients develop core muscle strength and stimulation of brain patterns, which improves balance and coordination.

They put reigns on them so you can control them on your own. You have to say go to the left or right and they go to the left or right.


I would say is its enhanced my ability to sit up straighter posture, its building my core, core strength, and my range of motion in my adductors.


Well my son is actually a client at 7 star and that’s how I became involved and became Executive Director. My son is seven and he has cerebral palsy, he walks on a walker hands and within the first five weeks of riding horses with 7 Star, his posture was completely perfectly straight up so that was another big improvement in five weeks. And then after three months my son started sitting in a chair with no arms on it, which is a big deal for him since he didn’t sit up till he was three years old. After five months on the horse he starts sitting on the bench at school in the cafeteria eating lunch with all the other kids with no back on it, and no sides on it. That is a huge deal for him.


In fact my daughter was in a bed she was in a wheelchair and she went out there with their with her head way over, bent. Just listless in her wheelchair. When they first started her in the therapy and today that was the first part of February I believe and now she walks without her wheelchair. She no longer uses her walker. She lives to go ride those horses.


Just amazing on how just riding on a horse riding on a horse will will make you better in your in your abilities you know. It’s just amazing.

I like to volunteer because the kids. Just when we go in and they see the horses and they see us they get all excited and you know. When they walk in they’re kind of sad when they get on the horse and they start doing exercises they are really happy, talkative, they just really just really enjoy their experience. I love seeing their smiles.

I’ve just seen miracles out there that you can’t explain with some of these clients. We treat all kinds of clients from physical difficulties like my son with cerebral palsy to lots of autistic kids and the progress is just amazing. There's something about a relationship with the horse and that is just magical. These kids can learn how to have a relationship with his horse, and it helps them have relationships with other people in their lives in their family and friends.


If you're a parent of a child with any kind of disability, I believe it could be emotional, physical, psychological. I don’t  know how it works, but I do know it works. My daughter is living proof.


My coaches a volunteer in the right of the writers assistant on the left and the right of me are always volunteers. So I was really impressed that this people they care about the program that are out there doing it.

For me it’s been life-changing and it's just an amazing experience to see how the horses and how working in the arena and how it builds the kids confidence, it's amazing to see.
Miracles happen every day at seven star and being a nonprofit organization. We rely on funds from generous donors to change the lives of so many, this is where you can help. Donations can be mailed to this address or by visiting sevenstarhorsetherapy.org