Family pictures don’t have to be a drag. With Fantasy Photography smiling isn’t an option. We make it fun by getting to know your family. After all, it’s easier to be yourself when you’re comfortable with your photographers.

We understand that shooting a group of people can often pose certain challenges. That’s why we engage every person in the group. From young to old, we can get a smile out of anyone. We will rarely use the word “Smile” at a shoot. Often times telling someone to smile brings out that cheesy grin that has been ingrained in us since birth.  To capture an image of an unsuspecting person in natural pose is our goal. By doing this we can depict the person’s true beauty.

We look forward to working with you and your family now and in the future. After all, having a family photographer that you can depend on, trust and that knows your family is our objective.


Being parents ourselves we understand the need to capture  your babies and children growing, we strive to get them in the moment that makes you smile when you look at the image for years to come.


We realize that children have many different moods and often times don’t have the patience to sit still very long. That’s why we work fast to capture every smile your children shares. We will spend as much time as needed to capture that special memory that you are looking for. Often times, we capture a moment that is unexpected due to the diligence to “hang in there”.


We will shoot your childs portoraits in the studio or on location, the choice is yours. We have lots of props or bring your own. If you have an idea of a shot, let us hear it. We are excited to have this opportunity.


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