Fantasy Photography’s Article of The Week
It’s that time of year to start preparing for your baby to leave the nest! Whether it is your first time to send one off or your seventh it is still important to commemorate these memories. Senior pictures are the way to do this! Seniors are so fun and upbeat, making their pictures easy to take! We love the energy these young adults bring to our photo shoots. Senior pictures are can be anything from your classic cap and gown pictures, “icy” pictures with your lettermen and car, to sweet senior pictures in a cute dress! We are here to make your vision come true! Anything you want done in your senior pictures we can do. Uh oh, wake up with a pimple on picture day? We can remove it! Do you have a mole or blemish you want taken care of? We can do it! Do you have braces that you hate? We can even take care of that!
If you are in band, you can bring your instrument, tuba, drums, or anything else. If you are a football player, bring your jersey and pads. If you are a volleyball player, bring your jersey and a volleyball. If you are a basketball player, bring your uniform! If you love your dog, bring your dog to take pictures with! We can incorporate anything you would like us to into your senior pictures.
Here is a poem from us to you about our lovely seniors:
Seniors and pictures are the perfect mixtures
Leaving the nest could be a mess
But now is the time
To shine
Brighter than the stars
And fly
Higher than the trees
Although it may make your knees
Tremble and shake
You have to make the best
Out of what life throws at you
It may be something new
It may be something you are used to
You gotta learn to rock with it
That is the thing about growing up
You take what you get
 And run with it
Your opportunities are now never ending
And forever changing
So while your life
Is at a constant
Take your pictures
Because seniors and pictures are the perfect mixtures.
Note to parents:
Your child is soon to be leaving for college, or a job, or the military, and they will no longer depend on you. It is officially the time to make those last memories with your kids living in your house, under your rules; they are soon to become their very own person. We know that is not only scary for them but also for you. They will be coming home for Christmas, and thanksgiving, Labor Day weekend, spring break and maybe summer. You may not see them all the time so why not get a senior photo shoot to keep their pictures around the house and remember their precious faces while they are away!
We have many senior packages, and are sure to have one that will fit your needs. And if we do not have the perfect one for you we can change it around to where it is the best fit. We also have a “Senior Model” option every year we choose about 5 seniors to be our senior models and we use them on social media and other advertising resources. We give all of our senior models cards with their senior pictures on them to give out to their friends and family to recommend Fantasy Photography.
We aren’t saying we’re the best, but we aren’t saying that were not the best. (;
Thank you for reading, have a blessed week! Until next time!