We have added a new addition to our photography collection. A photo booth! Now I know you me have some questions about this such as; what is a photo booth? What does it do? Where can you use one? Why would you use one? How does it work? Well I am going to answer all of those questions and more in this article! A photo booth is an extraordinary way to have fun at your event, and capture life long memories! With a photo booth you can snap crazy pictures with fun props, such as mustaches, hats, boas, and sayings. Our new photo booth is very portable and we will be able to break it down and put it back up for your event within 15 minutes! You can have one at your wedding, birthday parties, team parties, quinceanera, cooperate events, school dances, kids parties, adult parties, and many more! A Photo booth will lighten the mood at any event and insure that people have fun. You know today is the age of “selfies” but when people take selfies at your event you don’t get to enjoy the memories because all the pictures are on their phones, and even if you ask them to send you the pictures off of their phone, we all know it will not happen! What better way to capture your friends, family and loved ones crazy and fun personalities than a photo booth! We will show up at your event and set the booth up, and within 15 minutes your guests will be snapping pictures left and right! All they have to do is press the little red button, stand in front of the camera, smile, do the duck face, stick out their tongue, or any other faces they could make and wait for it to snap the picture. With every time the little red button is pressed your guests/you can get up to four pictures taken. Our photo booth has a classic, and elegant look, it is plain black with all white writing on it, perfect for any type of event! Everything about the photo booth is customizable such as the backdrop, the amount of pictures taken, the size of the pictures, the writing on the print outs, you can even have two sets of the pictures printed out where your guests can share with a friend, or your guests can take one and one can printed for you to keep! It is your party, so do what you want. Every photo booth will come with an attendant to make sure things are running smoothly, reload the paper, and to help with any problems that might occur! We do provide you with props, although you can bring your own. You have the option of setting it up to where the pictures will upload to facebook automatically! We can even set up a separate kiosk for the convenience of picture viewing, without holding up the lines. Beware though photo booths are addicting, have it once you have to have it at every party you go to! For ages New Born to one hundred and seven! Don’t forget to call us at (806) 553-0012 to book your photo booth now, then have fun and enjoy! Here is a little poem we wrote for you! We hope to make you smile! Have a Blessed day!
Photo Booth by Fantasy Photography
P- Photos for memories! (of course)
H- Having fun at your event
O- Over the moon with excitement
T- Totally Rad Dude
O- Obviously the best idea ever!
B- Beyond satisfying to all ages
O- Operation snap shot soon to take place at your event
O- Oddly satisfying
T- The best thing to have at an event/party!
H- Happy Happy Happy Guests!