Babies, babies, babies!
Everywhere we go we see pregnant women, and new babies! Although we do not know most of them we do know that they are probably in need of some baby pictures! A lot of new parents are so overwhelmed with the tiny new human being’s life they are now responsible for and forget all about new born pictures! Although you might not think that baby pictures are a very important we promise if you do not get them you will regret it. Professional pictures these days are not as important to people because they think that they can just snap some photos on their phone and be good to go! Although you could do this we do not recommend it, and this is why; professional baby pictures have better quality then cell phones, we order the prints from our own lab company, but when you take the pictures on your cell phone you could drop it in the toilet and your favorite pictures of your baby will be gone in an instant! I know some o you might argue and say that you have an Iphone and it automatically will back itself up, which is true, but I know a lot of you moms out there are very proud of your children and the icloud backup is probably full just like mine. So if you get professional baby pictures they will be of a better quality and they last forever!
Maternity Pictures, before you have the baby, are good for baby announcements, and they also give Fantasy Photography a chance to get to know you and your family before the baby comes! We have done all sorts of baby pictures! Recently someone called us asking if we could take pictures during their c-section and that was a crazy experience! We take new born pictures which range from a few days old to at the oldest a month old! We can take your baby pictures anytime between there and a year old! Typically a baby would be considered toddler at 2 years old.
We have a special called “The Baby Year Plan” and we take pictures starting at 3 months, then 6 months, 9 months, and then finally a year (12 months)! By the end of the four sessions we will give you a free 16 by 20 collage!
We have a “Watch Me Grow plan” which is fun because it shows just how much your baby grows within their first year of life! From your baby being 1 month old to 12 months old we take a picture every month in the same pose to see your baby grow, and at the end of the year we design a collage for you with all 12 pictures! Although you can order the pictures as we go!
We also have “The Mommy And Me” plan which is where it all begins, First we do a mommy to be session (which is a maternity session) and then after the baby is born we do an intimate session with both the baby and the new mom together, and also portraits of just the baby. After these two sessions we will design a collage with some pictures from both sessions! But you can order separate pictures here as well!
Although we have many special plans for babies, you can call us at any time you would like to, and schedule baby pictures! We are here to serve your needs and make the process of pictures taking easier for you!
Thank you for reading and have a blessed day! Don’t forget; it’s not just a picture, It’s a memory!
-Fantasy Photography